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About DreamWare

DreamWare Inc. specializes in Software as a Service (SaaS) web applications built for global scalability. We utilize microservice architecture to design responsively scalable software services for mobile commerce.

World Lister was our first app and introduced online sellers to our proprietary item-listing algorithm, where new and used items could be listed online faster and with more detail than ever before. World Lister operated from late 2013 until late 2015, allowing ebay users to create and manage listings. Support was discontinued due to the desire to develop our own platform with fewer restrictions for our larger ideas.

Our current project, Auto.Live, is a cloud-based service management tool for connecting vehicle owners with their franchise dealerhsip before, during, and after service. From scheduling to payement and everything in between, Auto.Live provides the only complete end-to-end service solution for dealerships that allows better communication and transparency.

DreamWare projects are a collective effort between our team and you, the consumer, the entrepreneur, the established business, and our partners. Your excitement and feedback help to propel our ideas to the next level, and help us continue to improve the great web applications we offer today.

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DreamWare Inc. Projects

Some of the Applications We've Created

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Mid 2016 - Present

Auto.Live is a cloud-based service management tool for connecting vehicle owners with their franchise dealership before, during, and after service.

As a vehicle owner you can schedule service appointments, upload and store proof of insurance and vehicle service records, pay for current service work, and open a direct line of communication with your dealership.

As a dealership you will gain new ways to offer better levels of communication, transparency, engagement, and internal workflow effeciency that has never been seen in the auto sector, until now.

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Car Lister

Late 2013 - Mid 2016

In October 2013, DreamWare Inc. decided to build a 100% independent market place for the auto sector. Completely independent from all other DreamWare Inc. projects, Car Lister fills the void left by other auto companies by supporting an environment catering to both buyers and sellers. Providing faster ways to communicate, facilitate sale and service transactions, and leave transaction-based feedback. All of these features, plus more are tied into a social-centric platform that fosters a connected automotive community. In June 2016, DreamWare Inc. changed the name Car Lister to Auto.Live and shifted focus from automotive sales to automotive service.

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2016 - Present

RadCat was launched and built to test the scalability of online inventory management tools for boutique online store fronts. This project helps individual site owners increase efficiency with store marketing and management, 100% on their own. RadCat's clothing listings are powered by DreamWare Inc.'s proprietary automated clothing algorithm, which allows the addition of new unique clothing items in under 2 minutes without typing one word. The accuracy of information generated using the proprietary algorithm has lead to a less then 3% return rate, also due in part to DreamWare Inc.'s proprietary clothing measurement algorithm.

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Savvy Seller

2014 - 2016

Savvy Seller is a blog for beginner to expert online sellers. We've taken what we've learned from creating powerful online eCommerce tools, and used that to help show sellers how to create a lasting online store. Here, you’ll find helpful tips, insider info, and news. We’re here to help you succeed in establishing and building your online business, big or small.

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World Lister

2012 - 2015

World Lister was built for sellers at a time when every application for commerce was buyer-driven. It tied into ebay to allow sellers to list and manage inventory with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Towards the end of 2015 we discontinued support for the World Lister United Stated beta in a move to focus on developing and testing new features and scalability for online store management.