Our web apps are designed with a strong focus on scalable mobile design. This allows you to enjoy the same experience across all your devices.

Cloud Computing

Our platforms and services utilize cloud servers to ensure you get the quickest response speed no matter how many people are using the same app or service as you.

Dedicated Team

Our core development team has been working together for over 3 years, and is always working on refining while incorporating new and innovative ideas.


eCommerce Web Apps for the Mobile Generation

About DreamWare

DreamWare is a team that creates unique web applications built for worldwide scalability. We are focused on developing responsive web applications and services to improve mobile eCommerce.

Our first web app World Lister, introduces online sellers to our patent-pending item listing algorithm. New and used items can be listed online faster and with more detail than ever before. World Lister generates accurate listings and makes it easier to include pictures from any device in each listing layout.

Currently, the development team is working on Car Lister, the first social eCommerce platform for buying and selling cars. Utilizing our patent-pending listing algorithm, fine-tuned for the automotive industry, Car Lister provides accessible tools to help dealerships quickly manage and edit inventory online, as well as help individuals buy and sell cars. On Car Lister's social platform automotive industry insiders, car lovers, buyers & sellers, and dealers can connect and enjoy their very own social network to share their topic of interest. Join today to start connecting with your automotive community.

DreamWare projects are a collective effort between our team and you, the consumer, the entrepreneur, the established business owner, and the business partners. Your excitement and feedback help to propel our ideas to the next level of creating and improving the great web applications we offer today.