DreamWare’s Viral Video Campaign

DreamWare’s Viral Video Campaign

DreamWare, Inc. hits the streets with a non-traditional viral video campaign to market Car Lister, the web based automotive buying & selling application with a social media platform. Bryan Harmon, CEO, and Sylvia Krivickova, Marketing & Creative Director, were on set in Lower Manhattan, New York City where filming took place last month. Harmon states, “Success will be at the end of the day, measured by users driven. Media is great. Branding is great, but at the end of the day, it’s measured by getting car lovers on the app.” The video, created by viral video marketing agency, Thinkmodo, has become an instant sensation with over 230,000 views on You Tube and 4.1K shares through Mashable’s exclusive post in less than 24 hours. Several other media outlets, news stations, and international sites have picked up the Super Strong Meter Maid Phenomenon since then. According to Krivickova, “No traditional advertising methods such as print ads can generate the kind of exposure an entertaining, viral video provides.” CarLister.co Bryan Harmon Sylvia Krivickova Liift Taxi Cab

Bryan Harmon, CEO of DreamWare, Inc. poses under the re-constructed taxi as Sylvia Krivickova, Marketing & Creative Director uses her super strength to lift it. Taxi created by Thinkmodo.

With the success of this viral video, it proves that the generation Y and millennial era of marketing can have a profound impact. Car Lister is gaining more users who not only want to buy or sell a car but utilize the first social network for the auto world to discuss cars, connect with DIY groups, get feedback from peers before making a purchase decision, share car show photos and stories, and engage with their dealerships in a more transparent, and convenient way. Read more about the social features of CarLister.co.

Go behind the scenes and see how the NY Taxi was transformed for the Car Lister Promotional Video. Photo Images Courtesy of Thinkmodo.



Thinkmodo Ford Explorer Getting Painted to Transform into NYC Taxi Cab.


Inside weight replacements of stunt taxi.