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The Finalists are in!
Car Lister Strikes Back photo contest

Thanks to everyone for voting in our “Car Lister Strikes Back” photo contest. We have selected the Top 30 Finalists that will qualify for our $2,500 giveaway. Check out the photos getting the most love in the photo album “Car Lister Strikes Back Finalists” on the NYCC Fans group page. Keep on voting and recruiting friends and family to vote for your Super Strength photo and you might just win our grand prize!

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What’s Next?
Car Lister to release new features, functionality in 2016

You may have noticed some changes on our website lately, and that’s just the beginning. We’ve been working hard to redesign the Car Lister interface to be even more tailored for the auto industry and for you, our users! Be on the lookout for redesigned profile pages, vehicle listings, and tons of new features coming your way in the new year.



Coming Soon: Ask Your Friends
Get the opinion of the group

Before making a purchase on a big ticket item, like a car, you want opinions from the people closest to you– your mom, your dad, your best friend, and maybe even ask your dog (or cat if you swing that way). Car Lister’s new user interface will offer the ability for users to ask their peers for their opinion on what car they should buy next. Users will be able to choose vehicles from Car Lister that they’re interested in and create a poll they can share on other social networks as well. Your connections will see your poll in their social feeds and vote on which car they see you driving. (Sorry, you’ll still have to ask Rover and Fluffy for their opinions in person… unless they’ve figured out how to use your laptop.)

Be on the lookout for this fun new feature, coming in 2016!


Featured Group
Exotic & Luxury Cars

Whether you have one, are looking to buy one, or just dream of driving one, this is the group for lovers of fast, rare, and luxurious cars. From Aston Martin to Lamborghini, it’s all about the best of the best. Click the button below to connect and get the latest on all of your most coveted dream cars.


Car Lister’s Comic Con Recap





Booth #162 Thanks You!

For a successful NYCC 2015

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at New York Comic Con for your Car Lister Capsule and Super Strength photo. This was a new event for us and because of you, it turned out to be an amazing experience with over 6,000 people joining our platform in less than 3 days. We had a BLAST and hope you did too!

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Find your photos

If you took us up on the chance to show off your super strength at Comic Con, make sure to save your Super Strength photos and preserve your memories. You can access them by connecting with the NYCC Fans group on Car Lister.

To find your Super Strength photo:
1. Sign into your Car Lister account and connect to NYCC Fans group
2. On the left side of the profile page, click “Photos”
3. Select the album from the day your photo was taken and find your photo!

Congrats to the NYCC Photo Contest Winners!

Thursday, Friday & Saturday’s Daily Winners


“Car Lister Strikes Back” Photo Contest

Vote for Best Action Shot

We’re offering up another prize, and this time we’re letting you decide the winners. The 30 photos with the most likes will be eligible to win a $2500 prize. The winner will also be featured in a video interview on our site wearing their New York Comic Con costume. Recruit friends, family, and co-workers to join Car Lister and vote for your photo to increase your chances of winning!
Here’s how you vote:

Now until 10/26/15 – Vote on photos by viewing them in the photo album on the “NYCC Fans” group page and liking your favorite photo.

10/27/15-11/19/15 – The 30 photos with the most likes will be transferred into a “Finalists” photo album. Continue voting by liking your favorite photos from this new album.

11/20/15 – The photo from the finalists album with the most likes will win the grand prize of $2500!

*Please note, likes on photos that are posted to a group’s wall or profile page and are NOT in the photo album will not count as votes for the contest. You must find the photo from within the photo album if you want the vote to count.

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Car Lister on Car Biz Today

Thanks to Car Biz Today for featuring us on CBT News!

They gave the scoop on how we’ve distinguished ourselves from the competition, our new partnership with eLend Solutions, and shared a great quote from our CEO, Bryan Harmon.

“You have to understand how to scale, especially in the auto industry. You need to know the industry, you can’t just come in and bypass them all together. They have all the inventory.”

Bryan Harmon’s Digital Dealer Experience

Thank you Digital Dealer for holding an amazing conference; here is what our CEO Bryan Harmon has to say about it.

“I have found the Digital Dealer puts on a great conference, and it brings an array of people and opportunities within the auto industry under one umbrella. Digital Dealer has had amazing support for us as a vendor, and has been very successful for our startup company to help us grow and expand our application within the automotive industry.” –Bryan Harmon, CEO of DreamWare Inc./


Read full article at Blog Pro Automotive.

Car Lister in Auto Finance News!

Car Lister is excited to announce our partnership with eLend Solutions to provide financing through our online platform for an easier, faster shopping experience. As stated by our western regional director, Henry Block, “Consumers can sit in their living room with a mobile device and choose a car, negotiate financing, get pre-qualified, and finalize their purchase. They can also stop at any of those stages, and finalize the purchase at the dealership.”  

Big thanks to Auto Finance News for sharing our story with the rest of the automotive world!

placeit (17)

Read full article on Auto Finance News.

Featured In Geek!

If you saw our shoutout in Geek, you know Car Lister made the list of “most inexplicable” booths at New York Comic Con! Well, for us, “most inexplicable” translated into most popular, with non-stop lines every day of the event!

And Geek, if you’re still wondering why we had a taxi instead of a car, check out our Super Strong Meter Maid viral video campaign. Created by legendary viral video artists Thinkmodo, The Super Strong Meter Maid reached over 10 million views on Facebook.

Big thanks to Geek for stopping by our booth and spreading the word!