Bryan Harmon’s Digital Dealer Experience

Thank you Digital Dealer for holding an amazing conference; here is what our CEO Bryan Harmon has to say about it.

“I have found the Digital Dealer puts on a great conference, and it brings an array of people and opportunities within the auto industry under one umbrella. Digital Dealer has had amazing support for us as a vendor, and has been very successful for our startup company to help us grow and expand our application within the automotive industry.” –Bryan Harmon, CEO of DreamWare Inc./


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Car Lister in Auto Finance News!

Car Lister is excited to announce our partnership with eLend Solutions to provide financing through our online platform for an easier, faster shopping experience. As stated by our western regional director, Henry Block, “Consumers can sit in their living room with a mobile device and choose a car, negotiate financing, get pre-qualified, and finalize their purchase. They can also stop at any of those stages, and finalize the purchase at the dealership.”  

Big thanks to Auto Finance News for sharing our story with the rest of the automotive world!

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Featured In Geek!

If you saw our shoutout in Geek, you know Car Lister made the list of “most inexplicable” booths at New York Comic Con! Well, for us, “most inexplicable” translated into most popular, with non-stop lines every day of the event!

And Geek, if you’re still wondering why we had a taxi instead of a car, check out our Super Strong Meter Maid viral video campaign. Created by legendary viral video artists Thinkmodo, The Super Strong Meter Maid reached over 10 million views on Facebook.

Big thanks to Geek for stopping by our booth and spreading the word!


Booth #162 thanks you for a successful NYCC 2015!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at New York Comic Con for your Car Lister Capsule and Super Strength photo. This was a new event for us and because of you, it turned out to be an amazing experience with over 6,000 people joining our platform in less than 3 days. We had a BLAST and hope you did too!


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Car Lister Gives Fans Super Strength Abilities at 2015 New York Comic Con

NYCC attendees offered convention exclusives, cash prizes, and a chance to lift full-size taxicab using their bare hands (or super powers).

Comic- Con Press Release

Here’s a quick quote from our write-up in Reuters:

“New York Comic Con is the premier fan destination for attendees to get up close and personal to the most notable superheroes in movies and comics, but we wanted to take this to the next level. Instead of just letting fans meet people with superpowers, Car Lister is giving them super strength of their own,” said Bryan Harmon, co-founder and CEO of DreamWare, parent company of Car Lister. “Now, Car Lister allows users to list – and lift – a car quicker and easier than ever before.”

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Car Lister will be at Digital Dealer in Las Vegas, NV. October 5-7, 2015

DreamWare Inc’s Car Lister team will be attending Digital Dealer 19 this October! The event, being held at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, draws in dealers from all over the nation seeking to learn more about how the Internet and new technology can help them effectively sell more vehicles. Come visit the team at booth #123 to learn how Car Lister is changing the game. We’re excited to see everyone there!