Car Lister Goes Viral Reaching 20+ Million Viewers in June 2015

In June 2015, DreamWare, Inc. opened the gates to unleash its automotive web application to the masses. Since then, Car Lister has gained national business recognition in the auto industry. Bloomberg Television, Wall Street Journal, and Dow Jones are just a few of the top media outlets taking notice.

Car Lister’s online reach through prime sites such as Mashable, Time, People, and Facebook just to name a few, hit in the millions within a 3 day period, and the numbers keep growing. Additionally, sources like The Daily Mail out of the U.K., and Rocket News from Japan have put Car Lister in the forefront for international news along with dozens of other countries.

As a result of numerous dealerships in Colorado joining our new automobile platform, Car Lister  saturated the localized area with traditional advertising. Billboards, television, and radio created more than paradigm results with an estimated 2,800 aired commercials between the three mediums just in the month of June.

“We’ve achieved great results with our targeted campaigns and plan on duplicating them in the next metro areas where the most dealerships come on board,” reported Bryan Harmon, CEO.


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