5 Resolutions You Should Make For Your Ride



Top Auto Tech Coming in 2016 

We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 technology and innovations coming to cars this year. If you’re in the market for a new ride, here’s what you can look forward to in the new models of 2016.

  1. Apple CarPlay Like magic, with a touch of a finger, Apple CarPlay will make navigating with Maps and playing your beats a breeze.
  2. Self Parking Look ma’, no hands! Well, kind of. You’ll still need to press a button to have the car “search” for a space and use your pedals to guide the car into it.
  3. 360-degree Camera Backing up without looking back. A new type of camera offers a bird’s eye view making it easier for drivers to see obstacles around the car. No more excuses for poor parking!
  4. LED Headlights Good news around the corner, new LED headlights will bend to brighten a corner before you steer into it and shine around cars ahead so you don’t blind oncoming drivers.
  5. Traffic Jam Control More affordable cars in 2016 will be available with automatic steering, which uses cameras to detect the car in front of you and automatically creep forward with the flow of stop-and-go traffic.


Group Spotlight

Connect with Restoration Group
Have you been putting off a restoration project? Make it your New Year resolution to restore that old ride to its prime. Connect with the Restoration Group on Car Lister for tips, inspiration, and to share your story with people who have the same passion.



gasResolutions for Your Ride

By taking better care of your vehicle, you’re also doing a service to the environment and your wallet.

  1. Get your vehicle’s body into shape. Start the year strong with a simple maintenance regime. Check your fluids and oil levels, check for leaks once a month and go for regular tune-ups.
  2. Remember your tires. They play a big part in both your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and handling. Check your tire pressure and consult your owner’s manual. It may be time for a rotation or a new set.
  3. Take a road trip. Many people make it their resolution to visit a place they’ve never been before, so why not take your car with you? Road trips are fun, cost effective and if you can’t get that time off work, just go for a weekend!
  4. Get a makeover. Pamper your car this year with a full detailing and restore its former glory. Don’t forget to buy some “new car smell” air fresheners.
  5. Upgrade your ride. Ready to part with your old ride? List it on Car Lister and kickoff the New Year with a new ride!


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