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Did you know that you can promote members of your group page to help you manage it? It’s as easy as visiting the Manage Profiles section of your profile and typing a group member’s name in the “Promote Member” field, and selecting a role for them. They can manage the group by posting updates and content, creating photo albums, commenting on posts, and more!

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Group Spotlight

Connect with German Cars

When it comes to automobiles, it’s hard to one-up German engineering. If you feel the same way, then this group is for you. From Mercedes to BMWs and everything in between, this group has you covered with the best of the best of German cars. Click the button below to get connected!


headlightCar Tip

Hazy Headlights

Are your car headlights hazy? A great tip to restore them to their prior glory is good ol’ fashioned toothpaste! It doesn’t matter what brand you use to shine those pearly whites, grab that toothpaste and an old rag and watch your headlights come back to life!


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