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The Finalists are in!
Car Lister Strikes Back photo contest

Thanks to everyone for voting in our “Car Lister Strikes Back” photo contest. We have selected the Top 30 Finalists that will qualify for our $2,500 giveaway. Check out the photos getting the most love in the photo album “Car Lister Strikes Back Finalists” on the NYCC Fans group page. Keep on voting and recruiting friends and family to vote for your Super Strength photo and you might just win our grand prize!

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What’s Next?
Car Lister to release new features, functionality in 2016

You may have noticed some changes on our website lately, and that’s just the beginning. We’ve been working hard to redesign the Car Lister interface to be even more tailored for the auto industry and for you, our users! Be on the lookout for redesigned profile pages, vehicle listings, and tons of new features coming your way in the new year.



Coming Soon: Ask Your Friends
Get the opinion of the group

Before making a purchase on a big ticket item, like a car, you want opinions from the people closest to you– your mom, your dad, your best friend, and maybe even ask your dog (or cat if you swing that way). Car Lister’s new user interface will offer the ability for users to ask their peers for their opinion on what car they should buy next. Users will be able to choose vehicles from Car Lister that they’re interested in and create a poll they can share on other social networks as well. Your connections will see your poll in their social feeds and vote on which car they see you driving. (Sorry, you’ll still have to ask Rover and Fluffy for their opinions in person… unless they’ve figured out how to use your laptop.)

Be on the lookout for this fun new feature, coming in 2016!


Featured Group
Exotic & Luxury Cars

Whether you have one, are looking to buy one, or just dream of driving one, this is the group for lovers of fast, rare, and luxurious cars. From Aston Martin to Lamborghini, it’s all about the best of the best. Click the button below to connect and get the latest on all of your most coveted dream cars.


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