DreamWare Projects

World Lister

World Lister was built 100% for sellers at a time when every application for commerce was buyer-driven. World Lister tied into eBay to allow sellers to list and manage inventory with unparalleled speed and accuracy. In May of 2013 DreamWare discontinued support of its beta version of World Lister. Support was discontinued in order to build and test new features and scalability for a store-front builder like Shopify.


RadCat was launched and built to test the scalability of online inventory and management tools for individual online store fronts. This project helps individual site owners increase efficiency with store marketing and management, 100% on their own. RadCats clothing listings are powered by DreamWare Inc. proprietary automated clothing algorithm, which allows anyone to be able to post any clothing item in under 2 minutes without typing one word. The proprietary algorithm has also lead to the beta store having less then a 3% return rate, due to DreamWare's also proprietary measurement algorithm.


Car Lister

In October 2013, DreamWare decided to build its own 100% independent market place for the auto sector. Completely independent from all other DreamWare projects, Car Lister fills the void left by other auto companies by supporting an environment catered for both buyers and sellers to communicate, facilitate sale and service transactions, and leave transaction-based feedback. All of these features, plus more are tied into a social-centric platform that fosters a connected automotive community.

In June 2016 DreamWare had a very hard decision to make, CarLister.co was starting to pick up a lot of traction, however the name did not say all that it had become. The platform grew to incorporate franchise dealerships and wanted to offer a richer engagement between a vehicle owner and the dealership to which the purchased and service their vehicle. DreamWare decided if their ever was going to be a name change to help express more then just listing cars that now was the time, and so CarLister.co will soon become Auto.live, which will include all of the rich features that consumers came to love about CarLister.co however without the branding restrictions that the name offered. It will also offer an unpaired communication and engagement between a vehicle owner and their dealership.


Savvy Seller

Savvy Seller is a blog for beginner to expert online sellers. We've taken what we've learned from creating powerful online eCommerce tools, and used that to help show sellers how to create a lasting online store. Here, you’ll find helpful tips, insider info, and news. We’re here to help you succeed in establishing and building your online business, however big or small.