What We Do

DreamWare Inc. specializes in Software as a Service (SAAS) with web applications built for global scalability. We are focused on developing responsively designed micro-service-built web applications to improve mobile eCommerce.

Below you can see how and why DreamWare Inc came about, and its progression from the struggles our founder, our development team, and our users have encountered that helped us gather the right components to build a scalable, world-wide marketplace.

Learn about where our journey began and where we are headed.


Our Founder Learns the Struggles of Being an Online Seller

A friend of Bryan Harmon (DreamWare Inc., Founder & CEO) has a vintage clothing store in Ferndale, Michigan with over 275,000 unique clothing items stored in the basement. The store has no online presence, and struggles to attract enough shoppers to maintain a profit. Bryan offers to help build an online presence and begins listing the clothing to eBay, one by one. He quickly realizes the three biggest barriers to making profit with online selling: time, effort, and accuracy. Seeing a potential to change e-Commerce, he begins to create an algorithm to list clothing pieces, understanding that if he can list an item in under two minutes, a profit can be made. The initial seller’s algorithm is born.

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Online Store Prototypes Prove to be a Success

The basement of a dollar store in downtown Ferndale, MI is transformed into a working prototype to showcase how a traditional brick and mortar store or an individual’s garage can become a successful and scalable business. Using an internal software that utilizes unique algorithms to create item listings, eGeneral and Mother Fletchers Clothing (the friend’s vintage shop) grow into large eBay stores. These prototypes prove that having a software to create listings could increase profit, eliminate the need for product questions and provide an efficient framework for a small business or individual to scale.

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A Billion Dollar Dream Was Born

May 24, 2012 Florida based DreamWare Inc is born with an angel seed investment of $35,000 and a computer. We see a great opportunity: If our software could be scaled, then it has the potential to change the face of e-Commerce. DreamWare Inc is founded. We visualize a near future where our software is in the hands of millions, helping individuals create businesses and regain their sense of personal worth. DreamWare can bring hope back to people and create opportunities where competition seems crippling.

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Spring into Action

To create a globally scalable marketplace two paths lay ahead of us: we can outsource our project like so many others, or develop the software ourselves. We know the scale of our marketplace will require an internal build to ensure the proper framework and foundation. We spend months researching the latest technologies and choose SpringSource to build our foundation. Our end goal of a global e-Commerce marketplace cannot be built without first laying a solid foundation, and our first footing will be an application for sellers to easily list items to eBay utilizing our unique listing algorithms.

Note: With a recent (2016) $253 Million round of funding in the parent company of SpringSource, Pivotal, we still believe that our research led us into the best framework for today and years to come.

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Heating up in Florida

Our small team knows that a lot of work lay ahead of us, and we make the choice to spend it together in one house, relocating to Southwest Florida. Creating the easiest listing process for new and experienced eBay sellers to compete with established top sellers takes months of fine-tuning. Since clothing is the most lucrative category, we include our comprehensive clothing measurement system MeasureMe, which supports every clothing category eBay offers, and eliminates the sizing guessing game and ultimately reduces returns.

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Launch of World Lister

DreamWare Inc. applies and receives an eBay Compatible Application certification for World Lister. We decide to introduce World Lister as the first listing app that offers sellers a customized, responsive, media-rich product listing at no cost. The mobile app creates beautifully laid out listings in under 2 minutes with auto-generated descriptions filled with relevant SEO keywords; no typing and no sales, marketing, or design experience needed. We know we're headed in the right direction and our listing algorithm will change the online selling process forever. Up until World Lister's introduction we could not have known how inefficient eBay’s environment is for what we needed and wanted.

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Paving Our Own Platform

We realize that a platform built in the '90s cannot live up to our expectations of our dreams that we were ready to put into actions, so we have to build our own marketplace. The combination of commerce and social media is gaining traction with more and more industries making the shift from traditional brick and mortar business to having an online presence. While tracking the industries involved in establishing their online presence, we notice that one of the largest industries, the auto industry, has never completed an online transaction from start to finish. We welcome the challenge and decide to fill the void with Car Lister - our first stand-alone application. And what better place to introduce our new app than the world famous Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit?

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Launch of 15each.co

Individual online shops for one-of-a-kind, used clothing items start getting lots of attention and funding. ThredUP raises $131.12M in six rounds and Twice raises $23.1M in three rounds. We decide to test Shopify’s capabilities by creating our own shop for unique clothing items using our successful listing algorithm to generate the product pages. We immediately realize Shopify’s platform can't keep up with the pace of our system, so we have to upload over 40,000 unique products in small batches. 15each.co offers men’s and women’s new or gently worn clothing for $15 each and quickly gains customers. After a deeper look into Shopify’s policies we reveal that our customer’s data is being compromised, and since we always support and protect our users, we decide Shopify was not the right platform for us.

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NADA Convention

Car Lister introduces its social platform for buying and selling cars to dealerships at the NADA Convention in San Francisco. During the event, over 350 dealerships sign up to join the new era of online car shopping. We demonstrate how the 2nd most expensive item an average person purchases in their life can now be bought from a mobile phone. It was as if the auto industry had been asleep, getting by with classified ads on the internet, and had now been startled awake by the full potential of a social commerce platform waiting at the tips of their fingers.

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$6.5M Round of Angel Funding Closed

With new funding, Car Lister’s team grows and so does our marketing efforts. A viral video, a busy booth at New York ComicCon, and a monthly car giveaway sweepstake attract thousands of new users and boost engagement on Car Lister’s social network. We earn a spot as a finalist for the Stevie Award for 2015 Tech Startup of the Year, and Car Lister gets named "Most Innovative Product" by automotive industry executives at the Digital Dealer Tech Tank.

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Get Ready to go Live

Over the past 4 years DreamWare Inc. has pushed boundaries, solved complex logical issues, and never stopped moving forward to perfect and understand how to build the best online communications and transactional process between two parties, in a safe, secure, and transparent environment. Auto.live will be the first complete platform from DreamWare Inc. that will demonstrate all that has been learned throughout the past 4 years. We would tell you more, but we don't want to take away from the surprise before the public lunch in early 2017. Auto.Live will being to open it's doors Q4 2016 in select markets with is dealership service shop product solution.

Pre-register to be one of the first to have access to a revolutionary marketplace that will shift social e-Commerce into new gears at www.Auto.Live

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